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Good uses the following open source resources:
Name Link Version
Node.js v14.16.0
Gulp v4.0.2
Yarn v1.22.10
Duotune Icons v1.0.0
FormValidation v1.8.0
bootstrap-multiselectsplitter v1.0.4
toastr v2.1.4
@ckeditor/ckeditor5-build-inline v34.2.0
@fortawesome/fontawesome-free v6.1.2
@popperjs/core v2.11.5
@shopify/draggable v1.0.0-beta.12
@yaireo/tagify v4.15.3
acorn v8.8.0
apexcharts v3.35.4
autosize v5.0.1
axios v0.21.4
bootstrap v5.2.0
bootstrap-cookie-alert v1.2.1
bootstrap-daterangepicker v3.1.0
bootstrap-icons v1.9.1
bootstrap-maxlength v1.10.1
chalk v4.1.2
chart.js v3.9.1
clipboard v2.0.11
countup.js v2.3.2
cropperjs v1.5.12 v1.4.0 v1.1.2 v1.11.5
dropzone v5.9.3
es6-promise v4.2.8
es6-promise-polyfill v1.2.0
es6-shim v0.35.6
esri-leaflet v3.0.8
esri-leaflet-geocoder v3.1.3
flatpickr v4.6.13
flot v4.2.3
fslightbox v3.3.1
fullcalendar v5.11.2
handlebars v4.7.7
inputmask v5.0.7
jkanban v1.3.1
jquery v3.6.0
jquery.repeater v1.2.1
jstree v3.3.12
jszip https v3.10.1
leaflet v1.8.0
line-awesome v1.3.0
moment v2.29.4
nouislider v15.6.1
npm v7.24.2
pdfmake v0.2.5
prism-themes v1.9.0
prismjs https v1.28.0
quill v1.3.7
select2 v4.1.0-rc.0
smooth-scroll v16.1.3
sweetalert2 v11.4.26
tiny-slider v2.9.4
tinymce v5.10.5
toastr v2.1.4
typed.js v2.0.12
vis-timeline v7.7.0
wnumb v1.2.0
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