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Cup & Green Local, clean & environmental Created by: CoreAd
24,900 votes
Yellow Background Strong abstract concept Created by: KeenThemes
70,380 votes
Nike & Blue Footwear overalls Created by: Invision Inc.
7,200 votes
Desserts platter Food trends & reviews Created by: Figma Studio
36,450 votes

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authors company progress action
Brad Simmons HTML, JS, ReactJS Intertico Web, UI/UX Design
65% Progress
Jessie Clarcson C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Agoda Houses & Hotels
83% Progress
Lebron Wayde PHP, Laravel, VueJS RoadGee Transportation
47% Progress
Natali Trump Python, PostgreSQL, ReactJS The Hill Insurance
71% Progress

Agents Stats More than 400+ new members

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56037-XDER Brasil Code: BR 05/28/2020 Paid Intertico Web, UI/UX Design Approved
05822-FXSP Belarus Code: BY 02/04/2020 Rejected Agoda Houses & Hotels In Progress
00347-BCLQ Phillipines Code: PH 23/12/2020 Paid RoadGee Transportation Success
4472-QREX Argentina Code: AR 17/09/2021 Pending The Hill Insurance Rejected

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iBlender The best kitchen gadget in 2020
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4D Printer Manufactoring unique objects
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MotionWire Perfect animation tool
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