Rapidly build modern Spring apps with Metronic

The most advanced Bootstrap 5 foundation with a solid design system,
extensive utility classes and custom made in-house components.

Starter Kit

Save thousands of hours and bucks for your next Spring project with a powerful Starterkit based on our Metronic theme.
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Install the latest Java, Maven, Yarn or NPM and use our custom made Gulp or Webapck build tools to get your project up and running literally in a minutes.
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Theme API

Use KTTheme API class written in Java to efficiently use Metronic templates in Spring projects of any complexity.
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Take your templates to the next level and build dynamic interfaces with ease using various pre-made Metronic layouts and partials.
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Assets Management

Generate your pages with required plugins or assets included using our handy API methods in fully abstracted way.
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Manage application level features, such as Dark Mode, RTL Mode, Localization and more, with our pre-builtd solutions.
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