Documentation v8.1.9

Multi-demo Build

For the preview purpose, we use URL query ?demo=demo2 to enable the other demos preview without modifying the Laravel routes. See the example preview URL

The default build command will build the assets for demo1.

npm run dev
To build the other demo, the demo name need to be appended in the command as below.
npm run dev --demo2
More demos will be included in the future updates. At the moment, these are the available demos that can be used:
  • demo1
  • demo2
  • demo3
  • demo4
  • demo5
  • demo6
  • demo7
  • demo8
  • demo9
To set a fixed demo by default. Edit this file app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php and set the demo id in using the function below.
By default, the asset paths are imported from demo folder in the public folder. Eg. /public/demo1/plugins/global/plugins.bundle.css To remove the demo from asset path, set the the below config to false. The config can be found in this file: config/global/general.php
'use_demo' => false,
Move all assets content from public/demo1/* to public/ folder.