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Project Briefing Project Manager
Concept Design Art Director
Functional Logics Lead Developer
Development DevOps
Testing QA Managers
HTML, CSS Coding Art Director
ReactJS Developer Web, UI/UX Design


Project Launch Due in 29 Days
Navigation App Due in 2 Days
Client Meeting Due in 5 Days
Real Estate App Due in 8 Days
B&Q Mobile App Due in 6 Days
Nexa - CRM App Due in 4 Days


Emma Smith Project Manager
Sean Bean PHP, SQLite, Artisan CLI
Brian Cox HTML5, jQuery, CSS3
Dan Wilson MangoDB, Java
Natali Trump NET, Oracle, MySQL
Francis Mitcham React, Vue
Jessie Clarcson Angular, React

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Max Smith
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Project Delivery Preparation
CRM System Development
Invitation for crafting engaging designs that speak human workshop
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