File Structure

Metronic comes with a flexible file structure that can be easily used for small to large scope projects. This section will explain the entire file structure and how to adapt it to your project.
File/Folder Description
Starterkit Blazor Starterkit
_keenthemes Folder contains theme source files and theme initialization classes.
libs Theme core classes.
KTTheme.cs Theme API interface contains functions to mange files and update theme outlook.
KTThemeSettings.cs Theme settings configuration share class.
KTThemeBase.cs Main theme configuration type class.
tools The theme build tools for command line assets compilation tasks. Required only for development and can be excluded for production.
Pages Contain all page views.
wwwroot Contains application static files.
assets All bundled files by Webpack or Gulp will be placed into this folder.
Shared Contains all theme layout views and partials. A tiny help file that privides a quick guide to get started with Metronic.
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