Getting Started

This document is aimed to run your Metronic based Blazor project in just 5 minutes. It's assumed that you already purchased Metronic and downloaded from Metronic Downloads.

Pre Requirements

Here's required technology and languages to get started:

Build assets

Before running the application we need to build theme assets:
  1. Start a command prompt window or terminal and change directory to Starterkit/_keenthemes/tools
    cd Starterkit/_keenthemes/tools
  2. Install dependencies with either one, yarn or npm:
    yarn install
    You can use either one.
    npm install
    This command will fetch all dependencies listed in Starterkit/_keenthemes/tools/package.jsonand place them into _keenthemes/tools/node_modulesfolder.
  3. You can use Gulp  or Webpack  commands to bundle theme assets. The below command will compile all the assets(sass, js, media) to starterkit/assetsfolder:
    For gulp use command:
    For webpack use command:
    npm run build
    Note on the package.jsonfile. This step is very important for Webpack in Metronic template. The default package.jsonworks for Gulp. To make it work for Webpack, you have to modify tools/package.jsonand remove "type": "module". Otherwise, it will cause compilation error when running the build command.

Run application

To run application navigate your prompt to Starterkitfolder and run command dotnet watch, this command will listen for changes and hot reload them. Keep your prompt running by default application is served on http://localhost:5170.
dotnet watch
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