Metronic comes with the theme configuration which you can easily update in file themesettings.json.
Name Type Description
ThemeName mandatory Theme name property.
Direction mandatory Default theme direction, suppoted values RTL/LTR.
ModeSwitchEnabled mandatory Enables/Disables theme mode switcher.
Mode mandatory Sets a default theme mode, supported values dark/light.
AssetsDir mandatory Relative assets path in wwwrootfolder.
Assets mandatory Theme main asset configuration property.
Favicon mandatory Theme favicon.
Fonts mandatory Theme fonts array, you can extend the fonts array with your custom fonts which will be loaded on all views automatically.
Css mandatory Theme css files, will be added globally for all views.
Js mandatory Theme js files, will be added globally for all views.
Vendors optional

Array of Vendor files.

Item structure:

"VendorName": {
    "Css": [
        // vendor css files
    "Js": [
        // vendor js files
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