Documentation v1.1.3

Tiny Slider is an all purpose slider inspired by Owl Carousel. For more info please visit the plugin's Home or Github Repo.

Basic Example

Here's a basic Tiny Slider example. For more info, please visit the official website.
<div class="tns" style="direction: ltr">
    <div data-tns="true" data-tns-nav-position="bottom" data-tns-mouse-drag="true" data-tns-controls="false">
        <div class="text-center px-5 pt-5 pt-lg-10 px-lg-10">
            <img src="assets/media/stock/600x400/img-1.jpg" class="card-rounded shadow mw-100" alt="" />
Tine Slider does not support the RTL mode and as a workaround style="direction: ltr"> can be used for RTL sites as per Github Issue.
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