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jsTree is jquery plugin, that provides interactive trees. For more info please visit the plugin's Homeor Github Repo.

Checkable Tree

Here's a jsTree example with a checkable tree. For more info, please visit the official website.
    'plugins': ["wholerow", "checkbox", "types"],
    'core': {
        "themes" : {
            "responsive": false
        'data': [{
                "text": "Same but with checkboxes",
                "children": [{
                    "text": "initially selected",
                    "state": {
                        "selected": true
                }, {
                    "text": "custom icon",
                    "icon": "fa fa-warning text-danger"
                }, {
                    "text": "initially open",
                    "icon" : "fa fa-folder text-default",
                    "state": {
                        "opened": true
                    "children": ["Another node"]
                }, {
                    "text": "custom icon",
                    "icon": "fa fa-warning text-waring"
                }, {
                    "text": "disabled node",
                    "icon": "fa fa-check text-success",
                    "state": {
                        "disabled": true
            "And wholerow selection"
    "types" : {
        "default" : {
            "icon" : "fa fa-folder text-warning"
        "file" : {
            "icon" : "fa fa-file  text-warning"
<div id="kt_docs_jstree_checkable"></div>
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