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noUiSlider is a lightweight range slider with multi-touch support and a ton of features. It supports non-linear ranges, requires no external dependencies, has keyboard support, and it works great in responsive designs. For full documentation please check the plugin's site.


noUiSlider's CSS and Javascript files are bundled in the global plugin bundles and globally included in all pages:
<link href="assets/plugins/global/plugins.bundle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
<script src="assets/plugins/global/plugins.bundle.js"></script>


  • noUiSlider's CSS is highly customized in sass/vendors/plugins/_nouislider.scss SCSS file in order to use it as native component within the design system. The SCSS code is compiled into assets/plugins/global/plugins.bundle.css and globally included in all pages.
  • noUiSlider's Javascript is bundled in assets/plugins/global/plugins.bundle.js and globally included in all pages.


Basic example of range slider with full touch support:
var slider = document.querySelector("#kt_slider_basic");
var valueMin = document.querySelector("#kt_slider_basic_min");
var valueMax = document.querySelector("#kt_slider_basic_max");

noUiSlider.create(slider, {
    start: [20, 80],
    connect: true,
    range: {
        "min": 0,
        "max": 100

slider.noUiSlider.on("update", function (values, handle) {
    if (handle) {
        valueMax.innerHTML = values[handle];
    } else {
        valueMin.innerHTML = values[handle];
<div class="mb-0">
    <label class="form-label">Example</label>
    <div id="kt_slider_basic"></div>

    <div class="pt-5">
        <div class="fw-semibold mb-2">Min: <span id="kt_slider_basic_min"></span></div>
        <div class="fw-semibold mb-2">Max: <span id="kt_slider_basic_max"></span></div>


Change the sliders default size by applying custom size classes .noUi-sm and .noUi-lg:
<div id="kt_slider_sizes_sm" class="noUi-sm"></div>

<div id="kt_slider_sizes_default"></div>

<div id="kt_slider_sizes_lg" class="noUi-lg"></div>


Example of horizontal range slider
var slider = document.querySelector("#kt_slider_vertical");

noUiSlider.create(slider, {
    start: [60, 160],
    connect: true,
    orientation: "vertical",
    range: {
        "min": 0,
        "max": 200
<div id="kt_slider_vertical"></div>


noUiSlider can provide a basic tooltip using the tooltips option:
var tooltipSlider = document.querySelector("#kt_slider_tooltip");

noUiSlider.create(tooltipSlider, {
    start: [20, 80, 120],
    tooltips: [false, wNumb({decimals: 1}), true],
    range: {
        "min": 0,
        "max": 200
<div id="kt_slider_tooltip"></div>

Soft Limits

If you want to disable the edges of a slider, the set event can be used to reset the value if a limit is passed
var slider = document.querySelector("#kt_slider_soft_limits");

noUiSlider.create(slider, {
    start: 50,
    range: {
        min: 0,
        max: 100
    pips: {
        mode: "values",
        values: [20, 80],
        density: 4
<div id="kt_slider_soft_limits"></div>
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