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Cookie is an exclusive component of Seven HTML Pro that provides a simple integrated way to manage cookies via Javascript. For more info on cookies, please visit:


Cookie's Javascript bundles are globally included in all pages. However, custom cookie management will require additional JS to be included.
<script src="assets/js/scripts.bundle.js"></script>


  • Cookie is globally initialized and can be controlled via our custom get, set and remove API methods.
  • Cookie instances can also be controlled programmatically. See below for more info.


All Cookie components are initialized automatically, however the following are Cookie's API functionality methods for more control.
Name Description
set(name, value, options) Create a new Cookie with specified name, value and options
var date = new Date( + 2 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000); // +2 day from now
var options = { expires: date };
KTCookie.set("user_logged_in", "yes", options);
get(name) Returns the selected cookie if applicable.
remove(name) Destroys the selected cookie.
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