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Quick Setup

This document is aimed to run a Seven HTML Pro based web project in just 10 minutes. It's assumed that you already purchased a license.
  1. Refer to File Structure and install Gulp or Webpack build tools to generate assets for your project.
  2. The build tools are required in your development environment only just to build the assets upon code changes in the source folder and the end product uses the compiled assets folder in server.
  3. Editing the compiled assets is not recommended. Instead, edit the source code in src folder and compile the changes into assets folder using Gulp or Webpack build tools.
  4. Use Layout Builder to configure a layout with prefered options and export it as HTML partials for quicker server side integration. .
  5. Unpack the exported HTML partials and use your server side language to construct and render your page by including the layout partials according to the instruction given in the HTML code comments.
  6. Refer to Template Markup and include mandatory and optinal assets for your project.
  7. Refer to RTL Version and Dark Mode guides if your project requires the RTL and Dark mode support.
  8. For any further assistance, reach the core team by creating a ticket at Devs Support Center.
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